Friday, April 4, 2014

Sunset and Storm

The sun was setting during an extremely cloudy evening - I loved seeing it peek through the holes and shine through on the ocean!!

To the left of the sunset was a storm on the ocean - so cool!!

Feeding - 1 April

This week's feeding went very well - and we had a great group even though it was school holidays.  It was wonderful to have more chairs - the kids were thrilled!  

Someone took a picture of me - here we are singing a song.  My story visual is between my knees.  

After the story and singing we fed them pilchards with bread - they LOVE bread!

These kids are precious!!!

Combined Service

What an absolute thrill to join together with six congregations, different languages and cultures, and worship the Lord together!  Nearly 150 believers joined together Sunday afternoon for a singspiration!!

Sunday at Lagoonside

The church is doing very well and we had a great group on Sunday!!  

I had 7 in Kid's Church.  Afterwards I took a picture of these two.  A young lady in America gave me these stuffed snakes to be given to two little ones here.  They loved them!!  

Fun Club

I'm teaching on character at the school Fun Club and have a friend drawing for me.  This first picture was for the lesson on "compassion".  She is amazing!!!

More Sunsets

I do love sunsets!!!!

Views around Town

I enjoy spending time seeing the scenery - I really do live in a beautiful area of the world!!  Love it!

Skyping with my Boys

I love technology and the chance to "see" my nephews!!  They really are the cutest boys EVER!!


I love getting shots of the sunset at the waterfront.  I love the reflections of colour in the water!

Township Sunday School

 The Township SS continues to go very well.  I love these kids and they listen so well most weeks. 

Isn't he a cutie??

I even put one little one to sleep . . . 

The kids still love to colour!!!

And this little guy was such a sweetie.  He loved handing me his crayons and then taking them back!!